Our Vineyard

A quick résumé for those in a hurry

Icon-feuillea small vineyard transmitted from generation to generation …

Our vineyard is made up of many scattered parcels.  This dispersion is a specificity of the Savoie, and our vines are no exception to this viticultural tradition. They cling to the rugged inclines of the Savoie hills, and to reach them we must go for 5 or 6 kilometres along steep paths that wind across the hills around Chignin, Francin and Montmélian.

The family’s vineyard holding was implanted in and around Chignin, on lands composed of glacial moraine and limestone scree. Following on from our parents, we still cultivate Jacquère (white), Mondeuse, Pinot Noir and Gamay (red).

Icon-feuilleforgotten hillsides of exceptional character …

It was in 2001 that we completed this small vineyard with the replanting of several parcels on the southernmost and steepest parts of the Savoie hills whose abrupt slopes, too difficult to work on, had been abandoned by our forefathers at the beginning of the 20th century.

But this is the terrain where our cru Chignin-Bergeron thrives.  Orientation, geology, climate… everything necessary is there!

After the heroic conquest of this land that had been left to grow wild, came the incredible time to CULTIVATE, STUDY, AND EXALT this earth.



The Physical Context …


The patches of vines spread from east to west over the hillsides of the Savoie, an area in the form of a crescent.  Jacquère, Gamay and Pinot Noir flourish on the western side, whilst south, south-west is the orientation of predilection for Roussane and Mondeuse.



Tall chalk cliffs have provided the limestone scree which gives rise to the greatest white wines.  Their high elevation generates thermal winds that have a tempering effect offering protection from very cold or very hot weather.



Limestone scree guarantees good surface drainage, and also at depth, which is effective against soil compaction and root asphyxia, extremely detrimental to the vines.


This stony mass acts as a kind of « thermal battery », absorbing heat during the day and releasing it in the early hours of the morning, thus accelerating the vine’s return to diurnal activity.


Icon-feuilleGrape Varieties

The Jacquère grape, grown on a west, south-westerly aspect at Chignin, gives our cru Chignin Vieilles Vignes, from vines of more than 60 years of age.

Roussanne, clinging to the steep southern inclines of the Savoie mountains, is the basis for the renowned Chignin Bergeron.  We devote it principally to our cuvee Exception. In  2013 we began the first parcel selections, with « Les Salins ».


Our Altesse, known as Roussette in the Savoie, grows on just 3000 m2 of the lower slopes, on the parcel “les Toises”, producing 2000 bottles a year under the name of the former owner of the estate, the Baron Decouz.



The massif des Bauges